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Video Pics Chinese girls blackmail 8.8 GB

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I lend money using my nakedness as collateral.

Scholarship debt repayment

8.8 GB

Hundreds of nude photos of young Chinese women who were forced to hand over their naked selfies for cash loans have leaked online.

The loan sharks told victims, many of them college students, to send naked selfies of them holding ID cards as a "guarantee" for their illness.

This week, 10 gigabytes of files containing photos of more than 1,000 women were shared among Chinese internet users.

The gruesome practice runs through Jiedaibao, a peer-to-peer lending platform where people can broker their transactions, but it's unclear who leaked the photos.

In June, it emerged that young girls were asked to bring their ID cards and send naked selfies in order to borrow thousands of yuan at high interest rates.

A dodgy loan shark threatens to contact her parents and post the photos online to make sure the money is repaid.

Photos are transferred via two popular messaging apps, QQ and Wechat.

Li Li told the Southern Metropolis Daily that he owed 55,000 yuan to loan sharks.

She originally took out a loan of only 500 yuan. This equates to just over £50.

The interest rate on her loan shark was set at 30%…………

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